Omerta City of Gangsters

Omerta - City of Gangsters: Gold Edition Trailer

In „Omerta -- City of Gangsters: Gold Edition" you encounter a thrilling combination of strategic simulation and blood-pumping turn-based combat set in Atlantic City during the Golden Twenties. You start as a penniless small-time crook and work yourself up step by step the mob hierarchy -- a speakeasy here, a distillery there and the occasional drive by shooting -- to become the boss of a prospering gangster empire. Match wits with the AI or take the lead in the global ranking in action-packed online duels. The "Omerta -- City of Gangsters: Gold Edition" includes the main game "Omerta -- City of Gangsters", the expansion "The Japanese Incentive" and all released DLC and content updates and provides you with more than 100 diversified hours of gameplay with 25 unique characters and more than 20 detailed district maps of Atlantic City.

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