Hof Gap - The Nurnberg Pincer is one of several games in the Central Front Series published by SPI in the 1980s. Both the game and series depict the early days of World War III in West Germany. Combat is conducted at the company, battalion, and regiment level, with a map scale of 4 km per hex. The map covers the Hof Gap and includes the major West German city of Nurnberg.

The Central Front series use a collection of mechanics, including "Operations Points" and "Friction Points", variable length game turns, and Zones of Control to simulate modern battlefield conditions. As with most modern warfare games, the series includes rules for airpower, air-mobile operations, and nuclear/chemical warfare.

The game contains three scenarios. "Covering Force" covers the first 36 hours of combat in the Coburg, Kronach, Hof and Cheb Gaps, and is played on the eastern half of the Hof Gap game-map. "VII Corps" uses the entire game-map, treating the Meiningen approach as well as the action shown in "Covering Force" for the first four of the next war. "Seventh Army" allows the player to join the Hof Gap game-map with the Fifth Corps game-map and other components of the "Fifth Corps" game in order to represent the entire US front in central West Germany