"Chickamauga is a simulation on a Grand Tactical level of the battle which took place between the Union Army of the Cumberland and the Confederate Army of the Tennessee in September, 1863. The battle occurred around Chickamauga Creek, a tributary of the Tennessee River, in Norhern Georgia." (from the Chickamauga rules folder.)

Chickamauga is one of four games included in the Blue & Gray Quadrigame set. The game includes a 17" x 22" three-color map, 100 counters and an Exclusive rules folder. A Standard rules folder, containing rules common to all four games included in the Quadrigame, is also included.

Scale is 400 meters/hex. 1-2 hours per Game Turn. Game mechanics are a simple movement-combat system with rigid zones of control. Sequential Player Turns, retreat and advance after combat are common to these games and surrounding to cut off retreat is a major strategy.

A new concept, "Attack Effectiveness" is introduced in this set of games. Essentially, attacking units that receive an "Attacker Retreat" result in combat are rendered "ineffective" (may not make further attacks, but still defend normally) for the rest of the day. This restriction is removed once a Night turn occurs. This makes "what the heck" type attacks very risky as one's army can be rendered quickly "ineffective" through a series of low-odd attacks.