An overview of the field of board wargaming circa 1977.

The chapters include: The Wargames Explosion, Basics of Wargaming, Strategy (chapters 3-5: The Forest and the Trees, Reserves and Build-Up, Political and Economic Affairs), Tactics (chapters 6-8: Defensive Terrain, Combined Arms, Waves and Skies) and Winning (chapters 9-10: The Short Cuts, The Broad Sweep). The final chapter is a four turn replay of SPI's Nordlingen.

In addition, there is a 63 page section with capsule descriptions of over 275 wargames - a real blast from the past!

There are four appendices: Answers to Problems (the book includes six wargame situations for the reader to analyze), Useful Addresses (no longer very useful due to their age) and PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader free-choice selection unit values.

224 page hardbound book with dust jacket, black
and white photographs. SPI's Strike Force One minigame is included as an insert inside the back cover.

ISBNs 0213166461 (1977 hardback), 0722166672 (1980 paperback 2/ed)