User summary:
This game originated from an idea by Mr Asao, who operates the Doujinshop Nyangoroberry. It was agreed that Product Arts produce an edition for the international market, whilst Nyangoroberry produced a version for the Japanese market. As a result, there are several versions featuring the work of different doujin artists, labelled as 'Art of War the Doujin card game'.

Publisher summary:

ART OF WAR the card game is two-player card game that has theme of war and the founding a kingdom. You become a king, then you will increase the people of the kingdom while sending warriors into the battlefield, fighting against the opponent. You have a KING card expressing yourself, and only five other types of cards for making a deck, which you use to fight the battle.

The game uses unique systems such as logistic support, conscription and entry, combined with four different story-endings in depth, will not allow you to lose your concentration for even a second. At the same time, the exquisite sense of tension while seeking the countless winning endings will awaken your intellectual curiosity from deep inside!

Publisher summary:
"ART OF WAR the card game" は戦争と建国をテーマにした2人用対戦カードゲームです。あなたは国王となり、戦場に兵を送り込んで敵国と戦いながら自国の民を増やしていきます。あなた自身である1枚のKINGカードの下に、たった5種類のカードだけで自分だけのデッキを作り、戦いに臨みます。