Panzer Grenadier: The East Front is the first volume in a game series devoted to simulating combined arms platoon level combat in World War II. Set on the Eastern Front and starting with June 22nd, 1941, this game covers platoon actions during the first few months of the German invasion of Soviet Russia.

The game is of moderate complexity with good solitaire suitability. Rules emphasize Opportunity and Combined Fire (plus friendly fire), Mobile Assault, Leadership, Morale, and Spotting. Special rules for Digging In, Entrenchments, Hidden Units, Minefields, and Bunkers. Special unit types include Headquarters, Aircraft, Armored Trains, Cavalry, and River Vessels. There are optional rules for Consolidation, Excess Initiative, Random Events, and Strategic Movement.

Units represent the various mechanized (3-5 tracked vehicles), motorized & towed (3-5 trucks,16-28 men, and 2-4 weapons), foot platoons (15-40 men), and individual field commanders (Corporal to Lt. Colonel) that were on the Eastern Front. A wide variety of MG, Heavy weapons, AT, AA, and other combat units are represented.

Game scale:
hex scale = 200 meters per hex side to side
time = 15 minutes per game turn
strength = platoon sized units

Two six-sided dice are needed to play.

It's an exciting, fast-paced, WWII tactical game with many different type of units, and it requires a solid strategy to win. Easy to understand realistic game mechanics make it a pleasure to play.

The counters and mounted geomorphic boards are splendid.

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