You've got your horse, your trusty gun and a brand new hat on your head - but above all you've got a pack of letters that need to reach Sacramento before all the other riders in the Pony Express!

Nothing will stop you on your quest for speed and victory, neither the Indians lying in wait, nor the pretty saloon girls who want to charm the gold from your pockets. You're the best, the wildest, the quickest and the luckiest rider in the land... At least you think you are - but all the other riders feel the same, so watch your back and get moving! Be the first to grab gold from the mines, duel opponents in savage gunfights or beat them at the poker table, and use your brains, bluffing skills and equipment to clear the way to Sacramento and deliver your precious letters.
Whether you ride like the wind or eat dust on the trail, this game will be wild!

As explained on B. Faidutti's website:

A racing game with poker dice in which the dice are used both to generate poker hands in order to move forward and in duels, as bullets. The poker hands rolled denote the number of spaces one could move on the track from St. Joseph to Sacramento (with, of course, some opportunities for bluffing). The game is a mix of luck, bluffing, and dexterity.