El Capitán, a game that is based upon Tycoon but with many improvements and upgrades.
The game is now playable with 2-5 players (instead of 2-4); it has 11 new groundbreaking rules, and on top of it all, expansions and a whole new exciting look!

All together we have now the following changes/improvements for the basic game:

  • new grouping of the cities on the game board
  • new payout table for distribution
  • 3 new Distribution Cards
  • new rules for the forts
  • start money is 20 florins instead of 15
  • place up 4 multi travel cards instead of 2
  • new rule for the loan cards (not allowed in the first round)
  • new start player after a payday (a special start player figure is added)
  • building up to 12 (instead of only 9) warehouses in a city
  • limitation of warehouses in series (limited to 3 now)
  • a rule for the first warehouse in a city

Also included is the first expansion "Portuguese Powers" with some extra city boards and strategy!!

There are now special rules for 2 or 3 players (extra renovation fields) and a special rule for 2 players (payday and additional warehouses).

The game was published in October 2007 by QWG Games in the Benelux, by Pro Ludo in Germany, by Ystari Games in France, and by Z-Man Games in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland.