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2017-11-06 21:32:03 UTC

The Enigma Box: The biggest adventure of all time, from your front room. 

We want to offer you a challenge and an experience based on historical events, full of enigmas and mysteries that will test your wits. This challenge is for adventurers, gamers, mystery seekers, puzzle-solvers and the curious minded who want to immerse themselves in the biggest collection of enigmas ever. Using the most advanced technology you will travel to incredible locations around the world without leaving your front room. 

You can either play on your own, supported by your friends or with anyone you consider fit to face the challenge. We guarantee that this experience will not leave you unsatisfied; it is designed and supported by world class experts in the fields of technology, history and entertainment

 ● The Ultimate experience, from your front room. An adventure across time and into far off lands. Placing the most advanced technology and analyses of thousands of years worth of riddles into the palm of your hands.  It's time to try new things!

More than 6000 minutes of challenging enigmas and interactive adventures. The goal is to decipher the mystery of 'Arcanum Arcanorum', the Secret of Secrets, the unique item that will change the destiny of humankind.

● You will use latest generation technology: virtual reality, augmented reality, graphene, 3D printing, NFC chips and more.

● All those who complete the game, regardless of how long it takes them and what methods are used, will gain access to an epic VR finale and a special international event (streaming & physical location, gifts, surprises, etc).

● “The Enigma Box” ® is just the beginning, we will launch new challenges which will arrive in your email and which you can download for free to use with your box. Some of the new extensions are available now. 

● This challenge will boost your dexterity and intuition; it will increase your understanding of the world and next-level thinking; enhance your knowledge  and your skills; expand your contacts and, most of all,  you’ll have a great time!

● It is a game for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. You do not have to have pre-existing skills or knowledge to fully enjoy the adventure.

 Will history know your name?

The places, explorations and investigations in this challenge are based on real events, which will guarantee the greatest adventure of a lifetime.  

Chance, technology and intuition guided us to find hidden messages which gave us the coordinates of a late XIXth century box buried in the French Pyrenees. What we found forms part of an unprecedented discovery, as it allowed us to access knowledge, data and cryptograms belonging to a secret society. These cryptograms contain a revelation which may change how we understand the world.

With all the research, enigmas, and new revelations, the team from “The Rhomb” have designed an international challenge and a new form of entertainment which will change the way games are made, revolutionizing and creating a definitive experience never seen before and giving you a chance to discover the "Arcanum Arcanorum", the Secret of Secrets



The Box: The box itself holds all elements of “The Enigma Box” ® challenge you will need in the game. It also hides secrets and components which you need to discover and which support other enigmas. It contains the necessary tools that will help you at all times and that will guide you when lost. It will shed light on how to progress.  

 Welcome pack (Card and letter for The Rhomb society): The first thing you see will be the welcome letter. A numbered card which gives you immediate access to “The Rhomb” ® society and its discoveries and secrets reserved exclusively for members. We will provide you with codes to access the site and app so that you can begin to unlock 3D scenes and virtual objects with your phone (iOS or Android).

Booklet: The Arcanum book is a key element. Here you will find instructions on how to advance in the game, hints, images, exclusive information and everything else you will need in order to complete the adventure.  

More than 60 riddles and puzzles: The box contains over 60 riddles hidden in its compartments, including the Kit Card, Substitution Enigma, 3D puzzles, Scylates Cylinder, Chinese Shadows, and many more you have never seen. You will need to discover and resolve these either on your own or with your team.

● 30 Investigation and historical documents: You will find clues such as X-rays, passports, paintings and photos. Each one of these elements forms part of one or multiple riddle. You must use your ingenuity to see how and where they combine, when to use them, and how they help you progress to the end. 

Virtual Reality glasses: One of the important elements of the game is the opportunity to 'travel' to real places around the world. Thanks to VR glasses and the app on your mobile (iOS or Android), you will be able to unlock scenes using coordinates and key codes. Each unlocked set of coordinates will allow you to access a specific place where you can investigate different scenarios. When using your goggles you will be transported there with 360 degree vision, being able to look all around you, seeking clues and riddles to move the adventure forward. This is the first time ever that anyone has used this technology to create a 100% real and virtual game to progress in a unique adventure. It is a never seen before experience!

Board Game Map with exclusive physical and virtual contents: All great journeys and amazing tabletop games need a map and a table. In this case we have created a special map where you will find riddles and clues, see 3D elements through your mobile app, and locate physical figures with which you will build or depict diagrams. This is your base of operations, which will help you to move around the world trying to find the 'Arcanum Arcanorum', the final secret hidden beneath the history, alchemy and astrology.   

Secret Code T-Shirt and “The Rhomb” Pin: Belonging to “The Rhomb” ® society also means wearing the distinctive emblem. The pin will help you stand out and allow you to recognize other members involved in the hunt with whom you can share experiences and knowledge. The T-shirt is not just an emblem, it also hides diagrams, secrets, and riddles. It includes a virtual image which you will only be able to unlock by viewing it with your augmented reality app. 

Tool Box with compartments, codes, tools and secrets: From time to time you will need tools to help you progress through challenges, so we have supplied you with some useful items: an extender with tools including a magnet, a LED light, a ruler and a balance.   

 ● Metaphysical and Alchemical figures: We have prepared a series of figures which will assist you with the challenges, some of them are alchemic figures with symbols you must align, others have historical references, but they all have a purpose that you must discover in the game.   

● Enigma Cards: You will find different cards with challenges, characters, symbols that you must use when you find yourself stuck or want to learn more about the story.  Including QR codes  with secret content.

● Graphene key with NFC chip:  We are pioneering the use of graphene, named “God's material” due to its incredible abilities and often considered the most powerful material in nature, possessing the greatest electric and thermal conductivity ever known.  The key is coated with graphene.

 Eight places/scenes accessible via 360-degree Virtual Reality glasses: You will also be able to unlock new areas and access new 360º scenes. To do so you must insert the coordinates and key words. 

The App     

The box is an entry point into a realm that will allow you to travel to remote places and access confidential and exclusive information. To enable all these functions we have designed an app you can download on your phone (iOS or Android) or access via your computer.     

The app will have greater functionality depending on the amount of money raised by the campaign meaning we start with basic features: coordinates, 360 VR spaces, and access to augmented reality. Later on we can include: a central hub, progress tracking in the game, global leaderboards, a world map displaying unlocked coordinates, a library of classified content, and more.      

Finally, you will form part of a prestigious society, “The Rhomb” ®. Members can share, collaborate, and access exclusive knowledge. As a member of the club you will be able to attend exclusive events.  

Will you take part in this great revolution and help us to make this a reality?

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