Space Race – Interkosmos

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2017-11-15 15:31:48 UTC


China enters Space Race! Heavenly palace awaits first taikonauts! A new chapter in space exploration begins with the arrival of the expansion for Space Race: The Card Game, Interkosmos.

About the base game of Space Race

Space Race is a tableau building card game for 1-4 players based on finding synergies and constructing powerful combinations out of different abilities. You become directors of newly established space agencies during the first seven decades of space exploration. Your goal is to build the most developed agency by recruiting leaders, launching space projects, developing technologies, funding your laboratory, and achieving breakthroughs.

  • Free two-wave shipping included! You'll get Space Race right after the campaign ends.
  • Kickstarter-limited edition: last 1000 boxes of Space Race available.

Interkosmos Expansion

The Interkosmos expansion spices up the gameplay with:

  • Scenarios, a brand new module to fill the gameplay with even more historical context
  • Achievements, a new card type expanding your strategic options
  • Chinese Space Program adding a 5th player into the game
  • More than 90 new cards (including Stretch Goals) with unique illustrations and a number of new mechanics designed to satisfy your strategic and tactical needs






A note to the Interkosmos packaging: Since the Space Race box is designed to hold the content of the expansion, Interkosmos doesn't have its own box. Of course, it will come in a proper protective package to make sure every single component will arrive in perfect condition.

In Space Race, you have 7 rounds to develop the most accomplished space agency. You achieve this by adding cards to your tableau (space agency) and executing their abilities in powerful combos.

Competition over the universe

Space Race is unique because even though you have a hand of cards, it is rare to play the cards from your hand directly into your agency. Instead, you can secretly place cards into a central area called the universe, which is a shared pool of cards that all the players can compete for. The cards you put there are revealed at the beginning of the next round.

Cards available are not random: Players themselves influence what cards are possible to acquire every round!

Great amount of player interaction: Opportunities are the same for everyone – predicting your opponents' intentions and hiding your own is crucial.


Secret bidding

There are 4 types of cards in the game and they are sorted correspondingly in the universe:

  • Propaganda
  • Technology
  • Space Programs
  • Breakthroughs

Simultaneous action selection: At the beginning of every round, all players select one of their available Control Cards from the set of 12 they get at the start of the game. These cards form a separate bidding deck for every player. There are 4 types of Control Cards, corresponding to the 4 types of cards in the universe.