Mountaineers - A 3D Board Game

Board games

2017-11-08 22:41:20 UTC

Can you avoid bad weather, stay on route, and out climb other players on the mountain? Can you earn enough climbing points to be known as the best of all:

Mountaineers is a 3-dimensional board game for 1 - 6 players. It is a strategy game requiring interesting game choices, and has mechanisms that include:   

  • area control 
  • resource management 
  • modular board design 
  • pattern building 
  • variable player-power  

And, if you hadn’t yet noticed, it’s an 18 inch (45cm) tall spinning board game with hundreds of mountain combinations and components! Could it become the world's tallest commercial board game?!?

Over 2 years ago, hiking in the French Alps inspired me to create a board game that not only looked like a real mountain, but also was a different mountain, every time I played! Mountaineers was the result.


Set up the Game!

At the beginning of the game, choose 1 character, 4 climbing routes, and a starting position on the bottom of the mountain!

The goal of Mountaineers is NOT to get to the top. Shocking, right?! Rather, the goal is to obtain the largest number of climbing points, by the end of the game. 

Players should choose climbing routes that work well together, and are feasible for the current mountain setup. 

Draw Event Cards!

There are 3 types of event cards. 

Draw or Pay Supplies!

Event cards will tell all players how many supply tokens to draw or pay, as well as if any special conditions or special actions are available.

Supply tokens are the currency of the game. Think of them as a combination of your energy and purchasing power.

Use Supplies Tokens to Climb!

Every climber can move to 1 of 6 spaces surrounding their position. 

Player's should try climb to special positions and on terrain types that match the requirements of their climbing route cards. 

As you climb, leave route markers to show your trail, and use route locks to protect markers from sabotage!