Side Effects

Card games

2017-11-08 22:08:58 UTC



Get revenge. Gang up on the strong. Protect the weak. Make deals and break them. Enjoy the thrill of giving your friend Impotence!   


First, each player gets 4 Disease cards face up. This is your Psyche.

You’re an impotent, anxious individual with a gambling addiction and the occasional thought of suicide.

You start with a hand of 4 cards and pick up two more each turn.

Oh boy! You got a drug for anxiety; you can take that lorazepam and start chilling out again.

But just as you thought you were getting all better, lorazepam is a cruel lady, she opens you up to 3 more diseases. Lucky for you, you’re already suffering from suicidal thoughts, so the only side effects that can affect you are depression and madness.


Now, it’s your opponent’s turn, and he noticed your list of side effects and added depression to your Psyche. Maybe you can use your Therapy card to treat your depression—just beware, Therapy doesn’t prevent you from getting it again. #Relapse 

You could have treated that depression with a depression drug, but that, too, contains side effects.