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2017-11-08 22:07:44 UTC


Direwild is a 1-4 player game where player's assume the role of Animists, heroes that can summon forth creatures great and small to aide them in battle. These heroes must band together and defeat minions across several lands in order to ultimately defeat a fallen member of their own order, Karn. 

Lovingly crafted over 5 years,

Direwild has been meticulously designed, and is 100% finalized and ready for the public! Direwild features beautiful art from the masterful Kelly Goodine. His credits include Marvel Comics and Bioware! As with any Kickstarter worth their salt, we have our manufacturing and shipping all ready and waiting!

Yeah, this game has red pandas. Deal with it.
Yeah, this game has red pandas. Deal with it.

Our design was solidified a few years back, and we have been playtesting the game since, with about 300 playtests done at various gaming conventions!




  • A completely co-operative adventure. No dungeon master! All the players must operate as a team to overcome the game.
  • A strategic deckbuilding experience that allows the players many avenues to spend their currency outside of simply "buying a card, putting it in my discard"
  • creature crafting system that takes the animals a hero summons each turn and forms them into a unique creature to bring into battle!
  • magic system that promotes team play
  • 5 clans with unique male and female heroes on either side, bringing together 10 playable heroes, each with their own synergies and strengths
  • The dungeon crawling aspect that has the heroes move tactically around the board, using the land and walls to their advantage, getting the jump on enemies, and picking up treasure.
  • Some brutal boss fight mechanics!
  • save system that allows you to put your hero's deck in a deckbox and save your campaign over multiple game nights
  • Massive replayability.The minions, creatures, treasures, and clan mixes will dramatically vary every game, so the experience is always fresh and new strategies must be developed.
  • Dynamic options and inter-player turn interaction allows players to make tactical choices, but restricts any player from calling all the shots.

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