Mischief Media: The Game of Fake News

Board games

2017-11-07 03:41:07 UTC





Each player starts the round with 2 Credibility Cards, 1 Collusion Card, 7 viewer chips, and 1 Action Card. These are the tools that are used to push your agenda.

There are six Credibility Cards, each with their own action, that are used to affect viewership or credibility. On your turn, you may choose to take an action of any Credibility Card whether you have that card or not. If you lose both Credibility Cards, you no longer have a reputable opinion and are out for the round.

Viewer chips represent how many people believe in your movement. Each player starts with 7 viewer chips. If you gain 20 viewer chips, then a majority of the population agrees with your opinion and you win the round. If you lose all of your viewer chips, then you have become no longer relevant and are out for the round.

If a player does an action of a Credibility Card that they do not have, then they are susceptible to being called out for their Fake News! If correctly called out for Fake News by an opponent, the player loses one of their Credibility Cards. If incorrectly called out for Fake News by an opponent, the opponent loses a Credibility Card.

Management of both viewers and credibility are key to success. Focus too much on credibility and a player could lose all their viewers. Focus too much on viewers and a player could lose all their credibility.

To turn the tide of the game, a player can use a Collusion Card. Collusion Cards come with a higher risk because it requires a specific set of Credibility Cards. Yet the reward is well worth it because the player gets to follow through with a special action.

As you become closer to winning, the media keeps a more watchful eye on your actions forcing you to draw a hidden Scrutiny Card. Scrutiny Cards change the way you play the game possibly forcing you to play truthfully or to play as a full on liar.

Once you have won three news cycles and successfully pushed your agenda, you get to tell your fellow melancholy media members what is now commonly accepted as truth i.e. "It is considered rude to greet a friend without using excessive JAZZ HANDS".