Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing)

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2017-11-06 22:24:29 UTC


Welcome, weary traveller, to the world of Folklore: The Affliction. If only your journey had brought you to some other, more pleasant land! But alas, your new home is a realm beset by horrors, foul beasts, and unnatural plagues. Whether you are a new comrade or a returning veteran of Kremel, I pity your poor soul…

This Kickstarter is for the second printing of Folklore: The Affliction, an immersive dark fantasy cooperative adventure for 1-5 players. Your characters will grow and progress through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. Every story is broken into chapters, allowing players to control the length of each game session. Most chapters take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete, and almost assuredly spell doom for you would-be heroes.

The second edition of the Folklore: The Affliction contains cardboard standees instead of plastic miniatures in the core boxes. The 76 miniatures (in 44 unique sculpts) from the world of Folklore are available packaged separately. Already own the core game, but ready to delve deeper into the darkness? The “Minstrel” pledge level contains seven full-length stories, the Adventure Creation Kit for crafting your own tales, and a Kickstarter exclusive embossed metal coin with inlaid color. Scroll down for more details!

The Folklore Community:

This Kickstarter’s goal is to build a larger community around this game. To help accomplish this, we’ve separated the plastic miniatures into their own box, allowing us to make the core Folklore experience more widely available at a lower price point. Though there is no “premier” level for this campaign, all previous items are available as add-ons for you to mix and match as you see fit. Note that some of these, like the Terrain pack and Demons & Dark Artifacts, are still Kickstarter exclusive. As the community grows, you guys, the vanguard of this realm, will have opportunities to shape the future of Kremel with story creation contests and community votes for branching story paths. 

The biggest thing you can do to help make this happen is participate on the Folklore page of, and share this campaign on social media. Become part of the conversation on the Folklore: The Affliction Community Facebook page and comment on our new community photo album. 

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See more about shipping towards the bottom of this page
See more about shipping towards the bottom of this page


  “Many people have asked us, “What is the closest board game to an RPG?” and I can now say that this game is absolutely the closest experience I’ve had. So much story, character development, choices, thought out missions, side quests during a specific mission... it pretty much kills every other ameritrashy campaign game I’ve tried thus far. We had a total blast with it. ”~Jamie, Secret Cabal

"You move carefully through the stone hallway, lit only by a patch of moonlight and the smoldering stump of a torch in your hand. Sweat drips from your forehead - if you make a sound, it could be your last. Somewhere in this estate hides a creature who is neither living nor dead, who drinks the cherry blood of his guests, and whose gaze warps the mind of all who meet it. You clutch the wooden spike tightly to your chest, your pounding heart daring you to drop it. Finally, you find the door that leads to the master bedroom. You hold your breath, savoring it as your reach for the cold iron knob..."

Become one of six unique characters, increasing in knowledge and skill as you embark on a frightful journey to save the world of Folklore from the horrors that plague it. Will you survive the adventure that awaits? Will your courage falter and your friends fail you? Or will you become legends? Open and find out… 


  • A cooperative or solo campaign requiring no game master
  • Six core stories with multiple paths and endings
  • Play as one of six unique archetypes - Arcanist, Archaeologist, Avenging Madman, Exorcist,Telepath or Witch Hunter - and customize them with a focus and branching progression path.
  • Unlock abilities, prayers, and rituals for defeating challenges both in and out of combat.
  • Discover over a 100 unique items, equipment, and ancient artifacts to aid in your quest.
  • Beautifully rendered double-sided terrain maps, 72 standees, and hundreds of gorgeous illustrations!

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