Stack & Attack is set in the middle of the Stone Age - food is sparse, rain falls from the sky when it is least wanted, and conflict stews among the council of elders. In an effort to better the lives of your people you have turned to worship. However, you're not the only one with that idea!Neighboring tribes have started constructing monuments of their own, in an effort to turn the favor of the gods their direction. STACK your rocks and ATTACK your neighbors! The race to the top has begun!Stack and Attack is a small-box strategy game designed primarily as a "filler" game between longer strategy games and for those who are just being introduced to the strategy board game genre. It combines elements of both modern (deck building) and classic (direct attack) board games.During a players turn they spend their action points:1) Acquiring rocks and effect cards from the quarry2) Stacking rocks on their tower3) Attacking another player's towerThe game ends as soon as a player reaches a tower height of 15 or once the quarry deck is exhausted.